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Audit: winder system

Audit: winder system

Higher production capacity and better winding quality

In the winder system audit, the winding quality of finished rolls and the condition of the winder and surroundings are analyzed. The goal is optimization of system and process regarding capacity and quality.

The focus of the audit is a systematic analysis of potential. For this, the winding quality of finished rolls and available operator’s lists of problems are analyzed. The winder and surroundings (reel spool handling, margin exhaust, handling of cores, etc.) are also included in the investigation and a vibration analysis is carried out. The result is a catalog of targeted measures including a cost estimate. The customer profits from performance increases, e.g., through optimized acceleration ramps, shorter changing times or higher speeds. In addition, implementable improvements can be executed directly on site.

Thanks to Voith’s expert knowledge as a system provider, the audit is an important basis for planned product changeovers and increases in capacity and quality.