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Modern gripping device for super calender movable platforms

The CalCatch gripping device guarantees safety-compliant operation of super calender movable platforms. The retrofit is possible in the shortest time and without disassembly of the cage.

Older super calenders have a gripping device for which replacement parts are no longer available. In the course of a safety upgrade, the gripping device of the movable platform is thus being replaced by a modern version. An innovative rebuild package allows retrofitting in the shortest time, e.g., within scheduled maintenance intervals. Maintenance intensive rods for break monitoring of the chain are eliminated. A conformity declaration such as the EC Machinery Directive and EC-type examination certificates will demonstrate adherence to the applicable safety regulations. In addition, supply of spare parts and service options are assured with the new gripping device.

The CalCatch gripping device stops the cage on super calender movable platforms from falling down in the event of component failure.

Stakeholder Survey 2018 – Voith GmbH & Co KGaA

We cordially invite you to participate in our Stakeholder Survey 2018.

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