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Cleaning roll

Cleaning roll

Breaks due to accumulations of stock are prevented

With the switch-on of a vacuum, the paper web can tear after immersion of the pick-up suction rolls and be guided with the felt into the press nip. This can lead to paper shreds flying about. Damage to the felt or contamination of the protective wall can then result.

A cleaning roll offers more reliability when threading the paper web through the press section by removing the paper shreds from the top edge of the protective wall and thus preventing breaks due to accumulations of stock. The result is higher operational reliability and runnability of the paper machine. Automatic cleaning takes place by means of a geared motor through which the roll slowly turns against the direction the paper is running during and after the threading operation. In the process, the roll with its tare weight lies on two scraper bars. Paper web scraps that collect on the cleaning roll are removed by the rotational direction of the nip, scraped from the scraper bar and then fall into the pulper.

The cleaning roll is used after the pick-up suction roll, near the pick-up felt on the splash screen.

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