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CleanWeave Dryer Fabrics

CleanWeave Dryer Fabrics

New thinking in drying

To reach better results in drying efficiency, Voith has developed with CleanWeaveTM a new product range of dryer fabrics. CleanWeave dryer fabrics are characterized by strength, durability and hydrolysis resistance throughout the whole fabric life. They are designed to minimize the build-up of contamination within the fabric structure and to manage the extreme conditions found in a dryer section.

Similar to CleanWeave dryer fabrics, rocks and minerals need to survive in extreme conditions

Strong even under challenging conditions

Many of these characterizations are also attributed to rocks. Similar to CleanWeave dryer fabrics, rocks and minerals need to survive in extreme conditions. This often requires the highest temperature resistance, strength and an ability to maintain porosity. The durability and performance of each dryer fabric and rock is a direct expression of their structure and composition of single elements.

New technologies

Experience Augmented Reality and let technology appear on paper.

SynStron – Improved yarn material for advanced dryer fabrics

Heat, moisture and the applied pressure in the dryer section are real challenges for standard yarn material.

Voith SynStron material uses a unique material composition that gives Voith dryer fabrics superior tensile strength, as well as higher abrasion and fibrillation resistance. As a result, Voith dryer fabrics are able to withstand the challenging environment in the dryer section and improve drying efficiency.

Dryer fabrics for all applications