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Conversion of dryer section to partial drive

Conversion of dryer section to partial drive

Partial drive reduces maintenance costs

Productivity can be increased by converting the dryer section to a partial drive, while simultaneously reducing maintenance costs.

With conversion to a partial drive, cylinders and intermediate gear wheels are dismantled. The dryer fabric guide rolls themselves are powered by a conventional drive (electric motor, standard gearbox and cardan shaft), while the dryer cylinders are powered by Voith drives, preferably on the operator side. Adaptation or reworking of the dryer cylinder journal and the mount is necessary.

By removing the gear wheels, the danger of vibrations is eliminated. Instead, mechanical coupling takes place via the dryer fabric. Oil leaks and maintenance costs are reduced as a result of the conversion. Fabric and paper twisting as a result of different dryer cylinder diameters is prevented, and noise and vibrations are reduced.

Conversion of the dryer section to a partial drive is done on the dryer cylinders and the dryer fabric guide rolls.