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Best formation results in tissue machines

The CrescentFormer impresses with its excellent formation and low energy consumption. The user-friendly design facilitates efficient operation.

In the CrescentFormer, fabric and felt merge over the forming roll, compressing the suspension and initiating drainage. The drainage is carried via channels through a de-aeration device into a cyclone system (Vk>1,200 m/min) and then back to the white water tank. In the process, the CrescentFormer achieves outstanding formation results.

The centrifugal force of the forming roll removes enough excess white water to form the sheet. The CrescentFormer works without vacuum boxes, resulting in impressive energy savings. In addition, since no friction occurs at the vacuum slots, the fabric life is increased.

As the former section for tissue machines, the CrescentFormer is installed directly outside the headbox and provides for user-friendly operation, thanks to a quick fabric and felt change.