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Customer Support

Customer SupportĀ 

Support, Specialists Team and Diagnostics

Paper making is a very complex process. We support our customers with special equipment, service teams and latest technology to reach their goals.

We focus on customer service not only with the products and systems we supply; we also support our customers throughout the entire process of paper making. The detection of problems is often not only difficult but also time consuming. Therefore Voith has special service teams which help to prevent downtime or solve issues by supervision and machine optimization. Support is also important during shut downs and during regular service visits. Additional, Voith has developed special detection systems to make the process easier, safer and more efficient.

Innovative products deliver insides and fingers of high value. We analyze our products after run to track back any issue in the machine eg. misalignments of rolls or high wear areas in the fabrics. We support with deep application knowledge and expertise about the whole process of paper making.


Christina Bauer

Global Product Positioning Manager


t +49 7321 37 2026