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Reduced gas content with minimal chemical requirement

The CycloMechâ„¢ DCM (DeaerationCycloMech) provides effective white water de-aeration on the smallest surface. Due to its easy integration into an existing approach flow system, it is also an attractive retrofitting solution.

Mechanical reduction of gas content with CycloMech DCM provides high de-aeration efficiency in the approach flow system with minimal chemical requirement. It is based on the centrifugal principle. The white water fed in is set in rotation.

Due to the effect of centrifugal forces, the air, being lighter, gathers inside the container from where it is pumped out with the aid of a vacuum. The result is improved formation and fewer pinholes, resulting in better paper quality.

The CycloMech DCM is used for mechanical white water de-aeration with graphic and packaging paper. Due to its small installation size, the CycloMech DCM can be easily integrated into an existing system.


Thomas Jaschek

Global Product Manager


t + 49 751 83 3672