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Less noise in the production hall

The dBlocker absorbs extremely high sound levels and reduces paper machine noise. This has a positive impact on the concentration levels and performance of the personnel.

The dBlocker consists of a combination of several ideally matched materials that allow a high-level absorption of the paper machine noise occurring in the production hall. Absorption elements are fixed to the ceiling and walls of the building. The elements are resistant to water, water vapor (but not hot steam) and other liquids and  therefore require minimal maintenance. By substantially reducing the paper machine noise reflected by the ceilings and walls, the noise emitted at operator level is decreased. The dBlocker allows exact acoustic adaptation to the noise characteristics in the paper machine hall. The acoustic effect has reached its limit when all wall and ceiling reflections have been reduced to such an extent that the direct sound from the loud components of the PM is all that remains.

The inexpensive installation of the dBlocker reduces the PM sound level at operator level and in the control room of a paper machine hall.