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Energy-efficient breaking down of fibers

The deflaker brings about optimal fiber separation of fiber bundles in virgin pulp and waste paper preparation through acceleration and delay processes. Process efficiency can thus be improved.

The proven fitting design of the Voith deflaker allows the disintegration of wet-strength paper components and prepares machine broke. Thanks to its hinged cover, it is easily accessible and has no refining effect.
Four variants are available with nominal volume flows between 1,000 and 8,000 l/min and a reliable motor output of 90 to 800 kW. A Hirth serration on the E2000, E4000 and E8000 models allows simple rotor removal. Thanks to the improved quality of the fiber suspension, the paper machine has fewer breaks.
The deflaker is for breaking down fibers in pulp and recovered paper preparation.


Reinhard Bluhm

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 2845