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DELTAPURGE NG® Pilot Plant Hire

DELTAPURGE NG® Pilot Plant Hire 

Realistically testing a flotation system

With the DELTAPURGE NG pilot installation, the operating behavior of a large facility for dissolved air flotation can be tested realistically on site. It is a proven solids removal and cleaning process.

The dissolved air flotation process achieves targeted removal of solids (fibers, fines, ash) and colloidally dissolved substances (micro-stickies and anionic trash) from filtrates, internal water loops or effluent in paper production. The DELTAPURGE NG integrates flocculation and flotation in one system, ensuring optimal process efficiency. The flotation tank of the pilot plant includes skimming devices for floating and sedimenting sludge, and a continuously working cleaning device keeps the tank clean. In addition, a direct expansion system generates the little air bubbles precisely where they are needed without efficiency losses. Sludge separated from the tank surface is collected in an integrated sludge tank. Thanks to its self-cleaning capability and functional groups that are quick and easy to replace, the system requires only minimal cost to operate.

The dissolved air flotation of the DELTAPURGE NG is an efficient and proven solids removal and cleaning process – one that is used in a multitude of applications with internal water loops and with effluent treatment.