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DF Coat

DF Coat

First-class coating quality and high productivity

The DF Coat is a unit for direct coating. It works according to the curtain coating principle, so that a leveling element is no longer required after application of the coating color.

In contrast to conventional coating units, the DF (Direct Fountain) Coat applies the color to the paper web as an already-dosed film (curtain film). Therefore leveling of the color coat is omitted, and the paper web is not exposed to any mechanical stress by the coating process. The DF Coat’s easy operation is impressive,  with no production interruptions due to replacement of worn-out dosing elements. In addition, the coat weight is variable within wide,  previously unachieved limits. There are no running costs for wear parts on the DF Coat.

The DF Coat provides first-class coating quality on the base paper and creates excellent cross and longitudinal profiles.