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Disperser KRD for pressurizable operation

Disperser KRD for pressurizable operation

Stable operation for high and consistent pulp quality

The Disperser KRD allows good washability and floatability of the stock. Energy consumption is lowered and the strength properties of the stock are increased.

The Disperser KRD for pressurizable operation, with its compact space-saving design and its outstanding dispersion results is impressive. Thanks to direct heating, a separate heating apparatus is superfluous. Heating is carried out with steam directly before the dispersion zone. Due to the lower number of machines in the disperser system, maintenance is reduced and availability is improved. The disperser mixes bleaching chemicals efficiently and homogeneously and increases the strength properties of the stock.

For the Disperser KRD, there is a wide range of filling patterns available for a variety of applications and process requirements. The exchange of fillings is supported by a run-out dolly, and is quick and easy.


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