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DuoCleaner Excell

Excellent cleaning of forming and press fabrics

DuoCleaner Excell is an efficient cleaning system for consistent and uniform cleaning of the surface and structure of forming and press fabrics.

The traversing water jets of DuoCleaner Excell clean all of the fabric for consistent and uniform cleaning. To remove contaminants, the cleaning system acts repeatedly and in two directions. The fine, fast water jets penetrate deep into the fabric structure to deflect more particles out of the voids between the fine mesh of the forming fabric and the needled batt of the press fabric.

DuoCleaner Excell has been developed to improve drainage of the forming fabric and dewatering of the press fabric. A uniform drainage and dewatering is achieved by a consistent and repeatable cleaning. Due to less contamination on the surface and in the structure, Duo Cleaner Excell results in fewer shuts, less pinholes, marking or sheet breaks and better runability.

Your benefits

  • Higher performance of forming and press fabrics to improve drainage and sheet dewatering
  • Less need for cleaning chemicals
  • Greater fabric permeability retention
  • Better uniformity
  • Less water and energy consumption
  • Better runability


  • DuoCleaner Excell - Excellent cleaning of forming and press fabrics

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