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DuoDry CC

DuoDry CC

No more curl

DuoDry CC is setting new benchmarks for an effective and reliable curl correction. It is the first vertically inverted dryer group and you benefit from enhanced runability combined with attractive cost and energy saving potential.

A consistently accurate CD moisture profile and a fast as well as smooth transport of the paper web are the main requirements to be met by the dryer section. While the single-tier designs tend to encourage curl, conventional two-tier solutions quickly reach their limits at high speeds. The steam-heated drying cylinders are arranged vertically. This is why the paper web does not need to be remoistened and dried which results in enormous savings of valuable thermal energy. DuoDry CC is powered exclusively by steam, the most inexpensive heating medium. There is no longer any need for additional moisturizers.

When developing DuoDry CC the occupational safety of operating personnel was a key factor. The risk while removing broke is eliminated by using DuoDry CC, as the excess paper drops easily into the pulper or basement.

As energy efficiency increasingly becomes a significant factor in paper manufacturing, DuoDry CC can be deployed to save valuable thermal energy and increase the machine availability of your mill in the long term.