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DuoFormer Base II

DuoFormer Base II

High strength and good formation results

Thanks to multi-layer technology, DuoFormer Base II distributes the different furnishes selectively over the thickness of the sheet in one forming unit. The result is optimum sheet formation.

This means high strength values, superior formation and excellent basis weight profiles in the final product. DuoFormer Base II was specifically developed for higher base weights of board and packaging papers, which require higher dewatering capacities. In a multilayer sheet forming system, the multilayer headbox MasterJet Pro is installed in DuoFormer Base II.

Apart from the technological advantages, the final product benefits from improved strength properties and optimum quality, especially for products with colored top plies. The speed limitations of conventional systems with fourdrinier have also been eliminated.

  • Product sheet DuoFormer Top 0.39 MB