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DuoFormer D

DuoFormer D

Better formation and higher dewatering performance

With the DuoFormer D, Fourdrinier wire and hybrid formers are converted to modern counterblade technology – resulting in increased dewatering capability and improved formation.

The core of the DuoFormer D is the top wire suction box, the forming box with pneumatically engaged forming strips and a separation suction box.

This so-called D part can be installed in existing top wire formers of various types. With the DuoFormer D, an older roll former becomes a modern strip former with counterblade technology. The existing rolls and machine frame parts can often be reused, which lowers the investment costs.

Through an analysis of the pre-dewatering section, the appropriate position of the D part is calculated. With older formers, the dewatering capacity can be increased with a larger top wire suction box and, if applicable, a double-chamber separation suction box.

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