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DuoFormer TQb

DuoFormer TQb

Former rebuild for improved sheet formation

The DuoFormer TQb is a roll-blade gap former with loadable forming blades. It is used exclusively for machine rebuilds and contributes to the improvement of quality and formation.

With its loadable forming blades in the bottom wire, the DuoFormer TQb allows improved sheet formation using pulsating dewatering pressure. The stable dewatering conditions and the sensitive operating behavior combine to increase efficiency.

The DuoFormer TQb machine concept is a well proven in the field, and can be used for all graphic paper grades. With a rebuild, applications are possible for Voith machines, as well as machines from other manufacturers. Upgrades are possible, for example, with the DuoFormer C, SpeedFormer HS and SpeedFormer HSSC. A clear improvement in quality can be achieved through the use of Voith forming blade technology.