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DuoFormer TQv

DuoFormer TQv

Optimal sheet quality at the highest speeds

The DuoFormer TQv is a vertical roll-blade gap former that was developed for fast-running machines and ensures optimal sheet quality for all mass-produced papers.

The former section has a big influence on the quality of sheet formation and is therefore very significant for papermakers. For this reason, the DuoFormer TQv is the first choice for high production speeds.

Due to the vertical arrangement of the dewatering elements, discharge of the white water is extremely simple. Suction deflectors and overflow weirs are not needed. In the case of a rebuild, the DuoFormer TQv offers the possibility of reusing numerous components of a Fourdrinier or hybrid wire and thus saving costs.

Thanks to a specially designed arrangement of the dewatering elements and the well-proven Voith forming blade technology, the DuoFormer TQv delivers first-class formation results, especially on fast-running machines.