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DuoStabilizer roll EvoRun S

DuoStabilizer roll EvoRun S

Reliable tail transfer without rope carrier system

The EvoRun S holds the web against the dryer fabric, guides it through the dryer section, and thus guarantees a stable web run.

DuoStabilizer rolls of the EvoRun S type have a drilled roll shell. To evacuate the interior of the roll and the parallel zone between the DuoStabilizer roll and the DuoStabilizer box, a vacuum is created. For this, the system is connected to a vacuum pump on the tending side. Sealing plates are installed to seal this zone. The vacuum is used to separate the fabric from the dryer cylinder, to hold the paper web and the dryer fabric against the EvoRun S, and finally to transport the dryer fabric to the downstream dryer cylinder. For tail transfer, a 500 mm wide transfer zone on the tending side is integrated into the roll and the DuoStabilizer box.

Together with the DuoStabilizer box, the DuoStabilizer roll EvoRun S ensures efficient and reliable tail transfer without using a rope carrier system.