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Increased runability due to web stabilization

The DuoStabilizer provides web stabilization in the single-tier dryer section. Due to the ropeless and wrinkle-free web run, the runability of the paper machine is increased.

With web stabilization, the stabilizer roll is suctioned via the DuoStabilizer and the stabilization zone is placed under pressure with a vacuum via the bypass of the roll. Sealing of the zone is done with a cost-effective and energy-saving sealing concept called MultiSeal, comprised of lateral air knives and a Teflon seal toward the roll. The MultiSeal is a mechanical seal that prevents the boundary air layer carried along with the dryer fabric from getting into the stabilization zone. For ropeless threading of the transfer tail, a threading zone can be separated in the system from the entire operating zone. Separation is carried out with a securely installed separation disk in the roll, an additional air knife in the stabilization zone, and a flap that separates the suction area of the operating zone from the threading zone. In the threading process, suction is concentrated on the threading zone. The additional air knife is fed with supply air, and the operating zone is switched off. After threading, the air knife is depressurized, and the operating zone is activated. The negative pressure of the DuoStabilizer is set with the fan speed. Manual alignment of the individual DuoStabilizers can be done with a manual flap in the suction line.

The DuoStabilizer allows a stable and wrinkle-free web run in the dryer section from dryer cylinder to dryer cylinder. Web tension and shrinkage are thus reduced; in addition, the speed can be increased.