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EcoCal Soft

EcoCal Soft

Very good printability and running characteristics

EcoCal Soft calenders give the paper web a uniform consistency with slightly varying density by means of an elastic nip. Visual characteristics such as gloss and smoothness are positively influenced.

EcoCal Soft calenders consist of at least one hard and one plastic-coated elastic roll. The EcoCal Soft Delta with Nipco technology utilizes design elements of the successful Janus MK 2 and is characterized by easy roll change even with large machine widths.

The EcoCal Soft Modular model is designed as a standard kit and thus provides the flexibility necessary for addressing specific customer requirements. Through a combination of heated roll with the proven Econip-X roll, the EcoCal Soft Modular has a nip with minimal line load deviations over the entire working width.

EcoCal Soft calenders are the standard for a wide range of online-calendered grades.