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EcoChange CA

EcoChange CA

The highest efficiency during reel change

The EcoChange CA changing system allows a reliable reel spool change. It forms an excellent beginning for the winding and reduces shreds, while at the same time producing little broke.

Through a combination of proven water jet nozzle technology with the reliable air feed systems, the EcoChange CA achieves excellent efficiency during reel spool change. Two water jet nozzles separate the paper web with a precise cut during the change. The cut geometry is exactly specified and reduces core and production loss. Air nozzles lift the tail from the reel drum, cut through it and feed it reliably onto the empty reel spool. Then the water jet nozzles run wide.

The EcoChange CA is used for paper with a basis weight range of 40-150 g/m². It is suitable for all web speeds and fits into most existing reel winders.