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EcoChange CIT

EcoChange CIT

Reduced core loss through perfect winding

The EcoChange CIT changing system is based on innovative tag technology and provides a high level of reliability for every paper grade during reel spool change.

The patented EcoChange CIT combines proven water jet technology with innovative tag technology. Four water jet nozzles cut two initial tails and a middle tail out of the web. The tail extractor separates the middle tail from the web with a knife and sucks it into the pulper. A perfect core wrap is produced due to the symmetrical cut geometry, and the tag is automatically included. It affixes the two initial tails to the empty reel spool, cuts them off along the separation contour and feeds them reliably onto the empty reel spool. The very thin tags hardly push through, resulting in minimal core loss. The entire web is run wide and the middle tail closed.

The EcoChange CIT can be used at all machine speeds and gives a precise winding start during reel change that minimizes core loss.