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EcoChange W

EcoChange W

Low core loss and high change reliability

The EcoChange W system provides high change quality, with a nozzle traversing speed that can be adapted to various paper characteristics.

The EcoChange W consists of a machine-wide beam on which traversing high-pressure water jet nozzles are mounted. These cut the paper web, beginning in the center and moving outward. The tail-shaped web is separated using blow air and fed onto the empty reel spool. The traversing unit of the two high-pressure water jet nozzles is powered via displacement and speed-controlled servomotors. The defined traversing speed of the nozzles can be adapted exactly to the paper characteristics.

The EcoChange W can be used regardless of paper strength. It is suitable for reel winders that change with opened nip (e.g., Sirius, OptiReel). Separation of the web is achieved using high-pressure water jet technology.

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