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EcoNip, Nipco and Nipcorect

Mastering thickness variations in the paper web

Uniform CD profiles in the paper are the precondition for high product quality. The EcoNip, Nipco and Nipcorect profiling rolls give optimal profiling of the paper or board web.

EcoNip, Nipco and Nipcorect correct thickness variations occurring in cross-machine direction. In calenders, rolls of the EcoNip type provide for uniform forces in the nip between rolls over the entire width of the paper web. An oil-filled pressure chamber in the roll brings about the deflection compensation. The Nipco and Nipcorect profiling rolls with Nipco technology were developed for the systematic correction of long-wave and short-wave CD profile deviations. Zone-controlled Nipco rolls are ideal for the long-wave range. In addition, Nipcorect rolls also correct short-wave CD profile distortions by means of individually controlled supporting elements in the shaft. The type of roll that is best suited depends on factors such as paper grade, machine width and product-specific requirements.

The EcoNip, Nipco and Nipcorect rolls are used as deflection compensation for profiling the paper web.