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Saves fresh fibers and keeps the wire edges clean

EdgeCleaner cleans the edges of Fourdrinier or top wires with adjustable fan-type nozzles, thereby reducing wire edge contamination and increasing wire running time.

Fibers and fillers carried along on the wire edge are sprayed off by the EdgeCleaner nozzles and collected in the white water pan. Since fibers of different plies are not mixed with one another, returning the raw materials to the short cycle saves valuable fresh fibers. All settings of the fan-type nozzles are fixed with adjusting screws. When changing the wire, EdgeCleaner can be pivoted away via a pivot point so as not to interfere with the changing of the wire. The fan-type nozzles and return funnel are kept moist by spray nozzles to prevent fiber build-up.

EdgeCleaner is used in Fourdrinier or top wires for cleaning the wire edges.