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Edge control for optimal paper web edge

EdgeMaster is a variably adjustable extension of the headbox format plate. In the Fourdrinier wire and the hybrid former, it provides for uniform distribution of the stock suspension up to the edge.

By setting the position of the EdgeMaster in machine direction, it can be optimally adapted to the shape of the flow. Positioning screws allow precise lifting, lowering and pivoting.

Water flushing prevents the suspension from flowing under the edge control device. In addition, spray water nozzles continuously moisten the surfaces in contact with the stock, enabling trouble-free production.

The EdgeMaster is retrofitted with an adapter plate extension to the existing headbox or by supplying a new format plate.

EdgeMaster is used at headboxes for Fourdrinier wire and hybrid former paper machines. These devices are frequently combined with wire edge lifters (EdgeCurlers).