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Uniform paper quality into the edge area

With the EdgeModule edge feeding system, the volume flow of the suspension in the edge area of the headbox can be set. The result is a precise suspension edge.

EdgeModule allows comfortable setting of the fiber orientation at the paper web edge. A fiber orientation of up to +/- 4° can be set with a working depth of up to 2 meters towards the center of the paper web. The EdgeModule cable at the headbox connects the main power distribution pipe with the turbulence insert. The outer gap in the turbulence insert is directed outward and is fed by an electropolished conduit. A valve with an electric motor controls the flow quantity, which is monitored by an inductive flow meter.

The EdgeModule edge feeding system is used at headboxes for Fourdrinier wire, hybrid former and gap former paper machines. It is the proven standard solution for new MasterJet headboxes.