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ELEPHANT pilot plant hire

ELEPHANT pilot plant hire

Testing thickening by gravity on site

With the ELEPHANT pilot installation, the operating behavior of a large facility for thickening or pre-dewatering can be tested realistically on site.

The ELEPHANT is a high-performance disk thickener/filter that can be used for numerous applications. The filter is characterized by its modular concept and the special design of the screens. It is extremely compact and easy to operate and maintain. This ensures a high level of reliability in daily operation.

The ELEPHANT uses gravity for thickening; no vacuum is necessary. By means of the difference in level between intake and filtrate area, a pressure difference is built up that is required for the filtration process. The thickened stock is ejected by the rotation of the disks.

Typical areas of use for the ELEPHANT disk thickener include thickening of fine rejects, stock, sludge and broke, ash removal or fines removal and water treatment.