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EvoDry Y and EvoDry M

EvoDry Y and EvoDry M

Steel Yankee and MG cylinders

EvoDry Y Yankee and EvoDry M MG cylinders ensure high dry content, excellent paper surface and perfect softness.

EvoDry Y and EvoDry M cylinders are manufactured with state-of-the-art methods and therefore meet the highest quality demands of the paper industry. A main benefit is that during operation the vibration of the rotating cylinder can be minimized due to the high production quality. Besides, thermally insulated heads enable a better temperature profile and ensure that energy lost through the heads can be saved. Furthermore spoiler clips or bars also improve the heat transfer and increase the whole drying capacity. In addition, EvoDry Y and EvoDry M are equipped with insulated journals for bearings protection that prevent inner ring cracks.

EvoDry Y and EvoDry M cylinders are the perfect solution for the drying process of tissue and specialty paper.