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EvoStretch and StretchUp Service

EvoStretch and StretchUp Service

The only value added answer for your spreader roll

EvoStretch is the new spreader roll designed by Voith experts. Benefit from its reliability due to latest Voith technology and the extensive service know-how.

                                                                                                                                                                  StretchUp Service – Optimization for a longer, trouble-free lifetime!

Within a short service time, conventional spreader rolls can be upgraded by adding our exclusive EvoStretch Bearing with selfhealing function and the high-performance polyurethane sleeve SolarStretch.

EvoStretch Bearing

EvoStretch Bearing with self-healing function

The exclusive EvoStretch Bearing of Voith provides a much higher wear resistance compared to standard bearings. During the operation, surface imperfection can occur. It only takes one or two ceramic balls to eliminate disturbing particles either by crushing them or pressing them into the steel rings – you can almost say the bearing “heals itself”. This process leads to an extended lifetime and a significant reduction of costs.


The high-performance polyurethane sleeve

SolarStretch is a polyurethane sleeve for spreader rolls developed by Voith. Compared to a conventional rubber sleeve it is characterized by twice as high wear resistance and much higher tear propagation strength. Furthermore, SolarStretch shows significantly better dynamic properties. Thanks to the polyurethane, the heat generation in the roll cover under dynamic load is kept to a minimum.

EvoStretch – Innovative spreader roll technology from one source!

Voith engineers have designed a reliable spreader roll including the exclusive EvoStretch Bearing with self-healing function. With EvoStretch you receive a spreader roll that can be delivered in short time.

EvoStretch S

EvoStretch S
The new steel segment roll of Voith with EvoStretch Bearing

With its reliable technology, the new spreader roll completes the product portfolio of Voith. EvoStretch S is already equipped with the exclusive EvoStretch Bearing with self-healing function to keep your paper machine running. EvoStretch is available with chrome, tungsten carbide, Teflon or Teflon and Tungsten carbide coated segments.

EvoStretch P

EvoStretch P
The new steel segment roll of Voith with SolarStretch sleeve

With EvoStretch P, Voith offers a new steel segment spreader roll that is already equipped with the exclusive EvoStretch Bearing with self-healing function. Additionally, it is equipped with the high-performance polyurethane sleeve SolarStretch and completes the existing advantages with the high wear resistance of polyurethane. Thus, with EvoStretch P you receive the complete package of maximum reliability for your paper machine.

EvoStretch C

EvoStretch C
The new steel segment roll of Voith with conventional bearing

With EvoStretch C, Voith offers a new spreader roll with conventional bearings. 


  • EvoStretch und StretchUp Service - Added value to your spreader roll