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Uniform CD profile even on the edges

The FlexiThermEdge edge heater provides targeted heating of the paper web’s edge. Since the web edges are calendered with additional distributed load, more marketable paper can be produced.

With FlexiThermEdge, the edges are more intensely heated in a targeted fashion. Contraction of the roll in this area is thus counteracted, resulting in a higher distributed load. For the paper web, this leads to better running and roll characteristics, as well as improved suitability for further processing in downstream system units such as the reel section and/or winder. Thermal influences of the warm paper on the roll are offset. In addition, the FlexiThermEdge edge heater enhances the correction potential with multi-zone deflection compensation rolls.

FlexiThermEdge is suitable for machine calenders and soft calenders with casting rolls or S-rolls and for all multi-zone deflection compensation rolls.