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Minimal friction when shaking

The FloatBearing hydrodynamic bearing reduces the friction between the metallic surfaces of a shaking unit even at low machine speeds thereby minimizing wear.

By using the FloatBearing hydrodynamic bearing, the principle disadvantages of cylindrical roller slide bearings are eliminated. With the hydrodynamic principle, the rotating journal conveys oil into the convergent bearing gap. The resulting oil pressure build-up lifts the journal from the bearing bushing. Even at low PM speeds, the oil provides for a complete separation of the metallic surfaces. The shaking unit can be operated, and the bearing works in a no-wear manner. Thanks to its compact design, an upgrade to the FloatBearing bearing involves only a small rebuild outlay. The enclosed design, integrated cooling grooves and optimized seal with labyrinths and protective hoods provide for a high level of operational reliability.

The newly developed FloatBearing is the ideal solution for optimally utilizing the performance of the DuoShake. The FloatBearing absorbs the radial loads (wire tension, roll weight) while at the same time allowing free axial movement of the breast roll when shaking. Even with a short-term stoppage of the oil hydraulic system and associated stoppage of the bearing’s oil supply, limited further operation of the bearing without damage is ensured by a specifically developed and patented emergency lubrication system.