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Good formation with low energy use

The FloatLip former is a cylinder mold unit that facilitates uniform distribution of the suspension over the machine width, providing even profiles for board and packaging paper.

The FloatLip former cylinder mold unit consists of a headbox with centrifugal distributor, a cylinder mold or suction roll, a couch roll, and the machine frame. Sheet formation takes place essentially between the top lip of the headbox and the cylinder mold or suction roll. The stock jet is therefore not discharged directly from the nozzle chamber, but instead is guided between the top lip and the cylinder mold or suction roll where the actual dewatering takes place. In the stock feed system, a centrifugal distributor ensures uniform distribution of the suspension over the entire machine width.

Several FloatLip formers are arranged in a series when used with multi-ply products.

The FloatLip former cylinder mold is used with board and packaging paper.

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