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Flying Splice LS (Low speed)

Flying Splice LS (Low speed)

A fully automatic reel change increases safety

Flying Splice LS allows a fully automatic reel change on offline calenders. The time required for the reel change is thus reduced, and the calender capacity can be increased by up to 20%.

Ever higher paper machine speeds often lead to capacity bottlenecks at the calender. For technological and mechanical reasons, they usually cannot be eliminated through a simple increase in calender speed.

Flying Splice LS increases the capacity of the calender by up to 20% by means of a fully automatic reel change. The higher capacity can be used for quality improvement (gloss and smoothness) by reducing calender speed with the same output. At the same time, fewer personnel are required for a manual reel change.

The fully automatic reel change with Flying Splice LS helps increase the capacity of offline calenders.