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Forming Fabrics 

Our goal is to deliver superior and more competitive Forming Fabrics that will help our customers to achieve their demanding runability and paper quality targets..

Forming fabrics play an essential role in the paper and board production. A forming fabric is a technical product with a big influence on runability, raw material, energy and overall performance of a paper machine.
Different applications need different fabrics. Voith has developed a unique product portfolio that contains a wide range of forming fabric designs we can choose from. Our portfolio contains forming fabric designs for the production of all paper grades on all paper machine configurations.
Our experienced engineers will support you to find the best possible fabric design that will meet your challenging demands. They not only understand your needs, but also those of your customers. This way we ensure to always look for value-added solutions that will not only meet but often exceed your expectations.


Tom Meijer

Global Product Manager Forming Fabrics


t +49 7321 37 7122