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Frames` Inspection

Frames` Inspection

Identifying and eliminating rust spots

When inspecting the renovation of machine frames affected by corrosion, Voith experts assess, measure and calculate the corrosion on the machine frame and/or machine components and identify countermeasures.

For assessments, the machine is subjected to a visual inspection, if necessary with the aid of endoscopy. The remaining wall thickness of the machine frame and endangered components are measured using ultrasound technology; furthermore, vibration condition analyses are carried out if necessary.

Subsequently, the machine frame or components are calculated with a finite element analysis. The measurement results are integrated into the modeling and are subjected to a stress test. An extensive report with recommendations on further actions rounds out the investigation. If replacement is necessary, advanced suggestions for retrofitting can be provided. Optionally, Voith identifies the cause of the corrosion by means of laboratory analyses.

The audit counteracts corrosion on components of the paper machine, whereby runnability and occupational safety of the operating personnel are increased.