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Gecko OneStep

Perforating and Gluing in One Work Step

Gecko OneStep is based on the Gecko hot-melt system and is a compact unit that is suitable for retrofitting an automatic roll changing system. With its combined perforation and gluing process, roll change times are noticeably reduced and productivity is increased.

A traversing glue nozzle sprays one or more glue traces onto a perforating or gluing roll. The type and number of glue traces can be configured. Thus the optimal gluing can be found for all paper and board grades. During a rotation of the roll, the glue traces for the initial and final roll gluing are transferred to the paper web and at the same time it is perforated. Preparation of the glue traces is done during the winding process, while application and perforating are done immediately before the machine stops for the roll change.

Gecko OneStep is suitable for all two-drum winders. To allow enough space, a pit under the machine is necessary. Gecko OneStep can also be used in single-drum winders of the VariTop and DuoRoller types.

Gecko OneStep processes paper and board up to ca. 170 g/m² without any problem. For heavier grades up to ca. 440 g/m² there is a variant with a separate pivoting cutting knife. In that model, the gluing roll only transfers the size traces.


Benjamin Kitze

Global Product Manager Finishing Rebuilds


t +49 7321 37 2186