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GYROSAND pilot plant hire

GYROSAND pilot plant hire

Testing efficient sand filter for continuous operation

The GYROSAND pilot plant tests the operating behavior of a large facility for sand filtration on site under realistic conditions. Water preparation and effluent treatment take place with the highest efficiency.

The special flushing device of the GYROSAND allows continuous regeneration of the sand without downtimes for flushing cycles. The water to be treated is added in the lower area of the filter, distributed over the entire filtration surface, and it then flows upward though the sand. The sand bed retains the solids and creates a filtrate nearly free of suspended matter. Then the sand is drawn off at the bottom of the filter, cleaned and subsequently fed to the filter bed again. A double cone facilitates a higher effective sand layer, while the installation height of the filter remains unchanged. The clarified water is collected by an overflow at the surface of the filter. Continuous operation of the system is possible thanks to the integrated energy-saving backflush system for regeneration of the sand. In addition, a special intake system provides for an especially uniform flow in the filter. A filter monitoring system protects the filter from hydraulic or solids-related overload.

The GYROSAND sand filter is used for water preparation and effluent treatment. It is especially suitable for fresh water preparation, advanced cleaning of filtrates and effluent, preparation of spray water, and removal of color.