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Significant increase in efficiency of HC pulping process

The HelixRotor can achieve a significant increase in the throughput of HC pulpers in the stock preparation phase. As a result the productivity of Voith and non-Voith pulpers increases substantially.

For an efficient stock preparation process, minimal fiber loss and a high degree of ink particle separation are essential features of high consistency (HC) pulpers. The HelixRotor ensures gentle pulping, yet at the same time a high degree of whiteness in the final stock through high frictional forces.

It also achieves a reduction of pulping time by up to 20% in batch operation. This results in energy savings, reduced consumption of chemicals and a significant productivity increase. The HelixRotor is therefore ideally suited for rebuilds of Voith and non-Voith pulpers and represents a viable alternative to investing in new pulpers. ROI (Return on Investment) is often already achieved after less than a year.

The HelixRotor is especially suitable for pulping recovered paper, but, on customer request, it can also be used for other raw materials. Thanks to its design, the rotor can be adapted to customer-specific requirements and can be used in a stock consistency range ≥18%.


  • HelixRotor for recovered paper. More than 50% increase in productivity possible

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