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HiClean HCL5-l with EcoMizer

HiClean HCL5-l with EcoMizer

Maximum effectiveness and the least fiber loss

HiClean™ HCL5-l with EcoMizer™ technology is a multi-stage system for cleaning fiber suspensions. It removes heavy contaminants in the stock preparation and approach flow systems.

With stock consistencies of up to 3%, HiClean HCL5-I achieves the highest separation effectiveness thanks to its smooth inner surfaces and flow-optimized head piece. Cones made of plastic with wear indicators or wear-resistant ceramic flexibly adapt to the concentration of contaminants that are present.

Due to the high concentration of contaminants in the reject, fiber loss is low. In addition, obstruction-free and low-pulsation operation is ensured by the EcoMizer dilution and continuous overflow in all stages, even with the highest stock consistencies.

HiClean HCL5-I is for multi-stage fine cleaning of specific heavy contaminants from pulp suspensions in the stock preparation and approach flow systems.


Thomas Jaschek

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 3672


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