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Hole Screen Baskets

Reliable and efficient

A Voith hole screen basket offers precise and reliable technology for centrifugal pressure screens. They are ideal for use in stock preparation, as well as broke, pulp, and approach flow screening.

The optimization of the pitch design leads to an achievement of the highest open screen areas and as a result to a high throughput. The high separation rates of dirt and impurities contributes to quality improvement of the end products.

Constant advances in our manufacturing techniques yield the highest precision in different hole designs and roundness of the screen basket. Each screen basket is equipped with the Voith hard chrome-plating technology and possesses a high wear protection.

Voith offers also an on-site ScreenFit analysis, to aschieve the best screening efficiency for a machine or system. This analysis enables Voith to design a customized screen basket and rotor set to maximize performance gains. The Voith technology and rechroming service works on a case-by-case basis to determine the optimal service intervals for your new screen basket. Our technical customer service center is available for further information and targeted advice.

The highly sophisticated products are suitable for Voith screens and for all current machines and associated rotor combinations of other manufacturers.