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Reliable web pickup due to perfect cutting jet

HydroPack is a pressure supply unit with a speed-controlled piston pump. A perfect cutting jet uninterrupted by air bubbles ensures good web pickup at the pick-up roll.

The compact HydroPack unit includes two or three pumps that can generate different pressure levels for trim squirts and couch squirts with maximum reliability. The operating pressure can be variably set via the pump speed (up to 40 bar at a rate of 7 l/min.) and is free of pulsations, pressure fluctuations and damaging air bubbles. This is ensured by the optimum design of the pumps with a venting unit. In addition, durable components mean very little maintenance is needed. Since the system is designed for the required output, it consumes very little energy.

The HydroPack allows a stable operating pressure in trim squirts and couch squirts. It can be easily retrofitted in existing systems and requires very little space due to its compact design in a fully enclosed cabinet.