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Changing nozzles reliably and quickly without a tool

The HydroSquirt allows a good, reproducible cutting result before the paper web is fed into the press section. This is possible due to precise setting of the water jet.

By means of multi-dimensional setting options, the HydroSquirt sets the precise position and angle of the water jet. A particular advantage is that the distance to the wire and the jet impingement point in the frequent cutting position on a flat suction box remain constant, even in the case of different jet impingement angles. Due to the smooth housing design, the unit does not have to be dismantled to change the wire. The nozzles and holder tube are replaced as one unit by means of a quick-release coupling. This connection is protected from dirt by a hinged housing cover. In addition, no tool is required for changing the nozzles.

The HydroSquirt provides for exact separation of the paper web’s edge section before the press section and thus ensures good web pickup at the pick-up roll. It can be easily retrofitted in existing systems.