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Infra-red heaters

Gas-fired infra-red heaters

The range of gas-fired heater modules with various modes of operation ensures that the optimum solution can be found for every individual application. The modular design means that a retrofit is simple if requirements should change at a later date.

Metal Emitter K 6.500

The K 6.500 metal emitter is highly efficient and robust. It is often used in "challenging" production environments where coating color might splash onto the emitter.

Ceramic emitter K 10.000

The K 10.000 ceramic emitter has a high energy transfer density and is ideal for use wherever high drying capacity is required in a limited space.

Ceramic Emitter V6

The Ceramic Emitter V6 owns a metal mesh that even covers the outermost edges of the emitter. This ensures a very homogeneous heat transfer, while converting a maximum of energy into infrared radiation. For many applications the V6 is the first choice.

Ceramic Emitter V8

The Ceramic Emitter V8 is a high-capacity emitter, equipped with high temperature resistant metal rods. It is suitable for operation at maximum temperatures and is used if very intensive infrared drying is required where space is limited.

Ceramic Emitter V10

As V8, the ceramic emitter V10 is a high-capacity emitter, however it is equipped with high temperature resistant ceramic rods. As a result, the V10 has a very high lifetime.

Usually, high-capacity emitters are integrated into a qDry Pro system to optimize system efficiency.