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InjectaCell Compact

InjectaCell Compact

Low investment costs in flotation

InjectaCell Compact achieves high savings in investment and maintenance in flotation through eliminating the secondary flotation cell.

BlueLine Advantages

Lower Maintenance Cost

The integration of the secondary flotation into the primary flotation reduces the amount of flotation cells to a minimum and saves investment and maintenance costs.

With the newly developed InjectaCell Compact flotation system, the recirculated foam is introduced directly into the foam layer of the primary cells. This optimization facilitates the operation with a single-stage flotation and thus also without the use of a foam tank. Investment costs are therefore saved and maintenance times and costs are reduced. With InjectaCell Compact, the aeration and mixing element creates air bubbles in a wide size range and thus separates the most varied contaminant particles. The foam volume regulation ensures the required amount of foam that accumulates as overflow in a tray.

InjectaCell Compact is used in stock preparation for removing hydrophobic contaminants such as inks and stickies from the paper suspension. The aim of flotation is to increase the degree of whiteness and improve the visual cleanliness of the stock.


Antje Voiron

Global Product Manager


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  • InjectaCell Compact - Low investment costs in the flotation process

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With the new BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.