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Highly efficient reject screen for minimum fiber loss

IntegraCombisorter is a continuously operated, highly efficient reject screen for separating plastics and light rejects. It provides high yield with minimum fiber loss. Thanks to the very high consistency in the reject discharge, no other thickening machine is required.

BlueLine Advantages

Reduced Fiber Loss

To prevent fiber loss, IntegraCombisorter can handle high throughput with a small amount of rejects that are washed and thickened in the machine.

The IntegraCombisorter reject screen is characterized by a high deflaking efficiency with proven separation of plastic and Styrofoam from fibers. It achieves a high reject consistency up to 30% so that no additional reject predewatering is required.

Based on more than 20 years of experience with Combisorter CSM, IntegraCombisorter is exceptionally robust and ensures reliable operation. It is used in hole screening or for intermediate screen in combi-screening. The IntegraCombisorter reject screen is available in two sizes with final stage production quantities up to 200 metric tons per 24 hours.


Paul-Wilhelm Sepke

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 2511


  • Highly efficient reject screen for minimum fiber loss – IntegraCombisorter

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With the new BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.