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Sorter for high-quality protection at the approach flow

The new housing design of the sorter allows a homogeneous screen passing velocity. As a result, almost no deposits or stringings will appear.

BlueLine Advantages

Higher Runnability

The flow-optimized head piece decreases pulsations at the approach flow and thus improves the runability of the paper machine.

Lower Maintenance Cost

The standardization of spare parts within the Integra product family reduces the required storage area. The inspection cover on top of the machine facilitates the inspection of the machine and reduces maintenance time.

The flow-optimized machine head geometry of IntegraGuard generates reliable operation, and the newly developed housing design enables a homogeneous screen passing velocity. This improvement became necessary as deposits and stringings mostly occur due to unequal flow patterns in the sorter. Creating a homogeneous screen passing velocity helps eliminate stringings, the eccentrically position of the screen basket avoids deposits.

Pulsation of screening systems in the approach flow has to be avoided to ensure a consistent and homogeneous suspension at the head box. This prevents variations in MD profile and sheet breaks on the paper machine. Due to the optimized flow pattern in the inlet and head piece, only a low rotor speed is required, which significantly decreases the pulsations in the outlet.

The inspection cover at the top of IntegraGuard enables an easy inspection and therefore saves maintenance time and costs.


Thomas Jaschek

Global Product Manager


t +49 751 83 3672





With the new BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used.