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Saving energy and space when drying

The IntegratedDryer combines infrared and air drying and is used after the coating units. As it recovers heat by means of thermal coupling, it is especially energy saving.

The drying concept combines gas-heated infrared dryers with an air dryer – two processes that outstandingly supplement each other. While the infrared radiators heat and fix the coat homogeneously, the integrated hot air drying section forces the post-evaporation process at high air speeds with moderate web temperatures. The energetically coupled air hood is only heated by the infrared waste heat and does not require its own heat source.

The IntegratedDryer is suitable for use after single- or double-sided coating units. Due to its compact, flat and modular design and its ability to be equipped with all Voith IR radiator types, the IntegratedDryer is highly flexible. Integration of InfraMatic-CD profiling systems is also possible. The IntegratedDryer is part of the InfraAir upgrade package.